Adult Registration (ages 16 and up)

Team Registration (Click Here To Register A Team)

1. The team fee for a 8 game season, plus playoffs if eligible, will be $750 with ref fees already included

2. You will need to register a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 14 players.

3. If you are a player or two short, please contact Steve at North Park Inline and inquire about available free agents.

4. Team registration fee must be submitted before the start of the first game.

5. Schedules and game times will be based on your teams avaiabliity.


Individual Registration (Click Here To Register an Individual)


If you would like to play but do not have enough players to field a team, you can register as an individual for $85 a 8 game season, plus playoffs.



The fee for youth players(4-15) is $70 for the 8 week season and will include a player shirt.


Age cutoffs are January 1st, 2018(if you turn 10 Jan 2nd, you are eligible as a 9 yr old the entire year). Age exceptions may be made by contacting Steve at North Park Inline .All injury release waiver forms must be signed prior to participating in any league, games, or practices.If you would like to register your team via phone, call us at 412-440-8766

Our waiver form can be found here.