Welcome To North Park Inline Hockey!

"Where kids 15 and under play FREE*"

We are located at Wildwood Sports Park in North Park  
412-440-8766   northparkinline@yahoo.com

  • Check out our Adult Dek Ball/Puck and Youth Ball Inline Hockey Leagues
  • Adult Puck and Ball leagues
  • Youth Hockey for 6+ and all skill levels
  • Full Stats and Individual League Awards
  • All-Star Game, Skills Competition, HOF, Career Achievements
  • Offsides, Icing, 4 on 4, Goalies don't need to wear skates for ball leagues
  • Adult Team Cost is $600 plus ref fees
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  • Rink Rental Rates $75/hr
  • Contact us for Tournament Rates


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This Coming Week:

Fri Jan 30th
7pm -9pm Rental

Sat Jan 31st
4pm -6pm Youth Dek Hockey

Sun Feb 1st
(no games scheduled)

Mon Feb 2nd
8pm Puck So Hard U vs Scoopers
9pm Average Joes vs Crookstons Crew
10pm Sunnyvale All Stars vs Yinzers

Tue Feb 3rd
8pm Raynovich and the Tampons vs Dead Hawks
9pm Green Monkies vs Money Shots
10pm District 5 vs Jurassic Puck

Wed Feb 4th
8pm Top Cheese vs Randys Angels
9pm Camel Toews vs Greener Monkies
10pm Formerly In Shape vs Hamwallets

Thu Feb 5th
8pm Hellfish vs Fire Breathing Kittens
9pm Misfits vs Too Old To Care
10pm Spitfires vs Wolverines

Fri Feb 6th
(no games scheduled)

Sat Feb 7th
(no games scheduled)

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